3 Teeth Whitening Myths that could be harming your teeth

Teeth Whitening Before After
A sparkling mile with bright, white teeth is known to light up not just one’s face, but the entire room as well! Not just that, a clean and healthy mouth can also help in building up immunity, keeping infections at bay and showing good health overall.
Your mouth is also an important and major entry point for bacteria, making oral health a significant part of overall health. 
But like everything else, when it comes to the teeth and in particular teeth whitening, there are a lot of myths surrounding that if you follow them could mean you are not allowing the teeth to be in their best health. Read on!

Myth 1: Brushing teeth hard makes them whiter and cleaner

One of the most common myths, most of us are told to brush teeth hard to get rid of food particles and germs. The truth of the matter is, brushing teeth hard leads to tooth abrasions and ruins the surface of the teeth over time. 

Myth 2: White enamel is healthy

White enamel is definitely appealing to look at, but they can also be an illusion most times.
The truth is that the natural colour of teeth changes as we age. Just because they don’t sparkle and aren’t a pearly white shade doesn’t mean they aren’t healthy! Before coming to such assumptions, it is better to visit a dentist and let them decide. 

Myth 3: Don't brush gums that are bleeding

An actual sign of irritation to the teeth is bleeding gums. Gums can also bleed due to a lot of plaque build-up which can turn into gum infections. 
Instead of just washing off the gums, ensure you brush it well with a soft brush to get rid of any plaque in the area. 


From teeth-whitening to not flossing, there are some common ideas spread about tooth health that actually deteriorate them and can even lead to problems.

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