Mobile White Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit Review – will it give you a Hollywood smile?

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Teeth whitening is one of the simplest ways to dramatically improve your smile, and by extension, your overall appearance. 

There are literally thousands of different teeth whitening kits on the market, and to be honest, 99% of them contain exactly the same active ingredients and do a similar job.

That being said, one product, in particular, has received a lot of press recently and that is Mobile White and more specifically the Mobile White Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit

So what is all the hype about? 

Is Mobile White actually better, or even different from the rest of the tooth whitening kits available? Or is it simply a case of clever viral marketing creating a buzz around this product?

With the holiday season coming up a tooth whitening kit could be the perfect gift for a loved one – but is this the best choice?

Find out in our in depth Mobile White Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit Review.

What is the Mobile White Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit?

The Mobile White Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit is a teeth whitening system that combines a commercial dentist grade whitening gel and a portable LED light system. 

The unique selling point of this system is that its unique LED light is powered by your cell phone so it can be used anywhere. 

The system includes:

  • The LED light with timer
  • Adapters to fit most cellular devices including standard USB and iO
  • Four 3ML syringes of whitening gel,
  • a cheek retractor

How Does Mobile White Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit Work?

If you are concerned about yellow teeth and would like them to be whiter, there are a huge array of options you can try. Some are natural teeth whitening remedies, some are DIY teeth whitening solutions and others are commercial in-office whitening systems that require a trip to your dentist.

How Does Mobile White Work?

To whiten your teeth Mobile White uses a 25% carbamide peroxide whitening gel and an LED light activator.

That sounds cool but what does it mean? After all, this is a review so you want to know what you’re actually buying right?

Well, both at-home whitening kits and in-office dental bleaching treatments actually use either this ingredient or hydrogen peroxide.

The difference is that at home tooth-whitening options typically contain from 3% to 20% peroxide (carbamide or hydrogen peroxides).

In-office systems contain from 15% to 43% peroxide. Generally speaking, the longer you keep a stronger solution on your teeth, the whiter your teeth become.

So, we can see that mobile white uses a strong peroxide concentration – over 5% higher than the strongest commercially available teeth whitening kits.

A standard LED blue light system

The other part of the kit is the LED light. The purpose of using an LED light in tooth whitening treatments is to accelerate the action of the whitening gel, the LED itself does not whiten your teeth on its own.

The use of LED light in whitening kits does have real medical evidence to support that it works in speeding up the whitening process on each application.

Now, most whitening kits have an LED with a row of 4 to 5 blue lights.

The mobile white advanced teeth whitening kit has 16 LED lights, plus it draws power from your cellphone instead of a tiny battery which should mean it works faster.

Does the Mobile White Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit Work?

The high strength of the whitening gel, the LED light setup and the timing of each treatment that is enforced by the app should achieve good whitening results.

The bottom line is peroxide gels and LED light is proven to be effective in whitening teeth, and the way this kit combines them together should ensure great results.

How Do I Use the Mobile White System

To use the Mobile White Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit for best results, plug the LED light into your cell phone using the correct adaptor then apply a small amount of whitening gel into the upper and lower tray of the LED light.

Place the tray into your mouth and gently push it against your front teeth, then and bite down. 

Start the timer by pressing the button on the cord and the 20 minutes countdown will start.

The bright blue light should turn on and stay on for the length of treatment. This light activates the bleaching gel and helps it work faster and more effectively.

Once finished, remove the tray and unplug the LED light from your phone. Brush your teeth thoroughly and rinse the tray to remove any leftover gel.

Tips To Get The Best From a Mobile White Treatment

The Mobile White Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit kit comes with four 3ml syringes filled with gel.

Each time you use the kit the application amount should be about 1ml, or one-third of a tube divided between your top and bottom teeth. 

That means you should be able to get 12 applications out of the gel that comes with the kit.

If you are using more than a third of a tube per treatment, you are using too much so check that you aren’t over-filling the trays and that gel isn’t oozing out and covering your gums because this is not good.

How Often Should Mobile White Be Used

With any peroxide-based tooth whitening system, it’s recommended to apply once a day for the first 6 days. 

According to Mobile White 6 applications are usually s needed to achieve maximum whitening, however, you may see results in as few as 2-3 treatments.

After you complete the initial treatments, top-up treatments can be done to keep your smile at it’s brightest. Once a week is usually enough to maintain a white smile. 

It goes without saying that avoiding habits known to stain teeth, like smoking and drinking lots of caffeinated drinks like coffee and tea, or wine, might mean you need to do whitening treatments more frequently.

Mobile White Customer Reviews

Mobile White has a lot of positive reviews from verified Amazon customers.

It’s so easy to fake online reviews these days that it’s hard to trust anything – but with Amazon you know the reviews are from genuine verified buyers.

Here are a some examples:

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Mobile White Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit Review Conclusion: Worth it or not?

A single Mobile White Kit retails for $79.99 which we think is good value for the amount of whitening power you get

The great thing about mobile white is the timing app and the fact the LED is powered from your mobile device, and the high strength of the gel so for those reasons we do definitely recommend it.

At we are all about finding and recommending whitening products that both work, and are good value.

 We highly recommend picking up the mobile white advanced teeth whitening kit from Amazon, not only do they always have the cheapest price, but customer service, delivery, and returns are top class.

Mobile White Advanced Review: Summary

  • Mobile White is unique in that the LED Lite mouthpiece is powered by your phone or mobile device. You aren’t connected to a wall outlet or having to hold a heavy battery pack.
  • Their whitening gel contains 25% carbamide peroxide, which is a  standard active ingredient proven to work. They claim the additional ingredients in their gel guarantee against sensitivity.
  • The Mobile White Advanced kit is priced around the same as similar products.
  • You can buy the Mobile White Advanced Teeth Kit from Amazon.