Celebrity Teeth Whitening: Kylie Jenner to David Beckham – how can you get the same look?

Celebrity Before and After Teeth Whitening

Celebrities are well known for indulging in in-office dental treatments like tooth contouring, various types of veneers and of course teeth whitening treatments that will whiten and brighten teeth, but what did their teeth look like before the transformation?

And more importantly, what can you do to achieve a similar look using at home teeth whitening products?

Luckily, we have some answers about the secrets behind celebrities and their super sparkly teeth.

We should note before we continue that most of the looks sported in this article are achieved with dental veneers, that are an invasive process where porcelain or composite veneers are overlaid on the teeth permanently. But having said that, there are some very effective whitening products that can give your teeth a bright white look without dangerous procedures.

So, let’s take a look at some celebrities before and after they took the whitening route…

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner’s teeth were super cute even before she started her whitening journey. It’s actually Kylies’ sister, Kendall Jenner who is more famous for her teeth as she has launched her own product, the MOON Kendall Jenner teeth whitening pen, check out our review of the MOON pen (hint: it works!).

Maybe Kylie gets these free? We would hope so, but she probably wouldn’t get much use out of them on her full mouth of veneers.

You can get much brighter teeth at home though, either with the MOON Kendall Whitening Pen or one of the other top 4 whitening pens of 2020.

Kylie went from yellowish to polar white, maybe with the help of her sis's whitening pen?

Abbey Clancy

Abbey appears to have had front veneer work done but if you check out her before picture, her teeth were actually great before without looking too ‘done’. 

You can get Abbey’s look quite easily using home teeth whitening pens and other products consistently.

Abbey's natural gnashers were cute like a bunny rabbit

Victoria Beckham

Victoria started out with a cute ‘teenage’ grin but now she has a nice set of straight white teeth.

Victoria has gone for much more subtle look than most celebrities – her teeth are white but don’t have that other-worldly alien look we see in a lot of celebs.

This look is very achievable for most people using at home whitening products like these teeth whitening pens.

David Beckham

Guys are equally interested in oral care and teeth whitening these days, and why wouldn’t they be?

A nice set of white looking teeth show you are healthy and simply look attractive.

Just like his lovely wife, Becks always had good teeth (especially for a Brit, remember Austin Powers?). Now his teeth are whiter, but if you look at the basic shape not much has changed and his smile and tooth shape still looks the same.

As before, Becks toothy white look is quite achievable at home, especially with newer teeth whitening tech like the Mobile White Advanced System.

Becks teeth went from good to great

Celebrity Teeth Bottom Line

Most celebrity smiles are the result of professional dental treatments like veneers and implants, but you can also get a a great and white smile at home for just a few dollars..

At smartteethwhitening.com we are all about finding and recommending whitening products that both work, and are good value.

To learn more about whitening your teeth at home with both commercial and natural products read our XXL Ultimate Teeth Whitening Guide 2020.