Best Teeth Whitening Pens of 2020

The Best Teeth Whitening Pens 2019

If you love a cup of coffee by day and perhaps a glass of red wine by night, you may notice that teeth start taking on a yellower shade over time.

Many foods and in particular, caffeinated drinks can permanently stain the tooth enamel. And that can leave us with a smile that’s less dazzling than we would like.

Fortunately, help is at hand The best teeth whitening pens can reverse this staining and improve and restore your teeth’s natural color.

The great thing about teeth whitening pens is that they are usually very easy to use compared to whitening gel trays and other at home teeth whitening methods that tend to be a bit messy and can get peroxide on your gums.

A huge amount of pens were released on the market in 2019/2020 including a whitening pen from Kendall Jenner – if you are interested you can read our detailed review of the MOON Kendall Jenner Teeth Whitening Pen.

What is a Tooth Whitening Pen?

A tooth whitening pen is a pen-shaped cylinder that usually features flexible, silicone bristles. Another feature of the best teeth whitening pens is to have some way to apply pressure to push out the gel. This is often either a squeezable base or  a twistable applicator.

This feature is important as over a period of use leftover whitening gel can get stuck around the pen’s bristles which is just icky and definitely won’t put you in a teeth whitening mindset.

The vast majority of whitening pens use a carbamide peroxide solution but the strength depends on the individual product.

Choosing the Best Whitening Pen for Your Mouth

It’s very important to consider how unique your teeth are, your teeth are quite literally one of a kind!

Ask yourself, can your mouth handle the intensity of whitening pens that guarantee to brighten your teeth in just a few uses? While these high-intensity teeth whitening pens are not bad for your teeth, they may cause sensitivity over time and if used frequently.

If you experience tooth or gum sensitivity when consuming cold drinks, for example, a natural teeth whitening method may be better for you in the long term, although the results may not be as dramatic or as fast.

If you aren’t sure how to choose the best teeth whitening pen, don’t sweat it, we have you covered. 

Best Teeth Whitening Pens - Top 4

Here’s a selection of some of the best teeth whitening pens in winter 2019  to help you make the right choice.

AsaVea Teeth Whitening Pens

With over 2,000 positive Amazon reviews, this whitening pen pack is a tooth whitening veteran favorite. 

The compact pen features super-soft bristles and a twistable base to help push the gel from the tube so nothing goes to waste. The whitening gel itself is made from a punchy carbamide peroxide formula that will whiten teeth without causing too much nerve sensitivity. Your teeth can whiten up to eight shades brighter with about one minute of use per day, and each pen is loaded with 20 uses worth of whitening gel.

  • What fans say: "I loved how my teeth were white immediately! I had absolutely no sensitivity after using these pens ! They are amazing!"

ECCO PURE Teeth Whitening Pen

This gel whitening pen does a great job on your teeth, and it won’t break the bank.

For less than $8, you can turn up the volume on your smile. This pen actually boasts the same high-strength ingredients as some of the other options available so it’s great value. 

The gel inside is made with carbamide peroxide, and the pen itself has soft bristles that make it easy to cover every centimeter of your teeth.

  • What fans say: "I noticed a little bit of whitening happening after the first couple of uses. I've only used natural ways to whiten my teeth before, so this product seemed to work way better than those. The application tip is very easy to use and is mess free! The price is very reasonable for the effectiveness and usability."

Fairywill Teeth Whitening Pens

The FairyWill teeth whitening pens promise an instant smile upgrade, and they’re very easy to use. 

Just twist the base and the high-strength carbamide peroxide gel seeps through the tube opening. The bristles on these pens are made of flexible silicone that is not only super-soft, it actually inhibits bacteria growth as well so your mouth stays hygienic and fresh. This whitening pen kit also comes with a sponge tool that assists you in evenly spreading the whitening gel over your tooth surfaces for a uniform shade of white.

  • What fans say: "This set is super easy to use and will brighten your teeth to Hollywood perfect! No unpleasant taste. No unwanted side effects like irritated gums. I see a difference already! Good purchase. Five stars!"

Dr. Brite Get Brite Teeth Whitening Pen

This organic teeth whitening pen offers comparable results to the other pens reviewed but has the added bonus of using vegan, natural teeth whitening ingredients. 

The tooth whitening formula is made from food-grade hydrogen peroxide as well as other natural ingredients like coconut oil .

The twistable base and sterile bristles make for a mess-free application experience and it works fast.  Your teeth will be multiple shades whiter after a few days of use..

  • What fans say: "This set is super easy to use and will brighten your teeth to Hollywood perfect! No unpleasant taste. No unwanted side effects like irritated gums. I see a difference already! Good purchase. Five stars!"


Teeth whitening pens are a really convenient way to whiten your teeth.

Most brands actually contain most of the same base ingredients so to choose the best teeth whitening pen for you, get one appeals to you and is well built.